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Amager Bryghus - Cats Gone Cuckoo

57,00 kr.

* Stil : Hazy Double New England IPA
* Alkohol : 8%
* Størrelse : 440ml
* Land : Danmark
* Untappd score : 3,7

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Amager Bryghus - Cats Gone Cuckoo

Dryhoped Hazy Session DIPA

Hops: Columbus, Mosaic, Galaxy.

As told elsewhere, Dutch settlers brought their horses when they were invited to the barren island of Amager in 1521 by the Danish King Christian the 2nd. A lesser known fact is that they also brought their cats. The local Danish Amarikans were almost in shock, when they realized that the Dutch were keeping their cats as pets. Now THAT was something new. The Danes would poke fun at the Dutch that they would serve their pets a special diet which they called Whiskats, and brush the coats of their furry pets for hours, dressing them up with pink ribbons and what not. Naturally the Dutch were worried that their prize cats would mingle with the local wild cats, so they mostly kept them inside. This however caused a terrible degree of inbreeding, making the Dutch cats go weirder and weirder and more and more crazy by each new cat generation. And to this day Amager has the highest degree in all of Denmark of cats gone seriously cuckoo. One particular Amager location is completely taken over by a gang of crazy and now also wild cats, that clearly communicate in a Dutch accent. It’s called Pinseskoven. We recommend that you never go there. As in NEVER. Just don’t do it…

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