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Amager Bryghus - Vortex of Mayhem

45,00 kr.
36,00 kr.

* Stil : Rye Beer
* Alkohol : 5,5%
* Størrelse : 440ml
* Land : Danmark
* Untappd score : 

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Amager Bryghus - Vortex of Mayhem

'A Florida man once came...' is how this story should have started. But hey, let's add a twist(er) and make it plural! Two Florida men came to Amager Bryghus to make beer. The great Jason and Eric from Recycled Brewing graced us with their presence to concoct something bound to be unpopular. Why? Because it ain't hazy, nor juicy, nor redundantly dry hopped. But thankfully, they aren't just ANY Floridian men. They're two of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet, who keep an open - and borderline chaotic - mind about things. And through a day of brewing, boofin' and bonding we ended up having deep discussions about Stokes' Law and the terminal velocity of a particle falling in a fluid - triggered by the unlimited vortex power of our

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