Drekker - Cyber Scream

75,00 kr.

Type : Triple New England IPA
Alkohol: 10%
Størrelse: 473ml

Land: USA

Untappd : 4,12

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Drekker - Cyber Scream

Cyber Scream, a Nordic Triple IPA, is the inevitable progression of our screaming Kveik IPA series where we continue to experiment with all the insane possibilities of this limitless yeast. While most modern brewers' yeasts have been coddled and domesticated, Kveik is an absolute wild beast. Its only desire is more. More heat, more hops, more ABV and we’re happy to oblige. ⠀

Don’t let the 10% ABV fool you, this juice is so, so smooth from a massive malt bill filled with oats & spelt. Then we blasted it into the cyber realm with gigs and gigs of Citra, Moutere, Vic Secret, Galaxy, Mosaic, & Hallertau Blanc.

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