Equilibrium - Roowaka

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Type : Double IPA

Equilibrium Brewing

Untappd : 4,22

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Equilibrium - Roowaka

Roowaka is the next beer based off of Pete’s hoppy travels to Australia. Another Kangaroo picture (Yup, we have plenty) graces the label. Roowaka celebrates our love of the South Pacific and shines light on the elusive New Zealand Riwaka and one of our Aussie favorites, Galaxy.

We started with a Fractal fermentation and grain bill. The hop schedule uses a Citra whirlpool before a heavy dry hop of Riwaka and Galaxy. Roowaka pours a straw milky yellow with an aroma of passionfruit, assorted citrus, earthy hay, grassland, and pinch of white pepper. The rollercoaster ride of flavor starts off with notes of earthy white pepper before being quickly transformed into pops of citrus, passionfruit, white grape with, melon, and a touch of berries. The juicy buildup continues before ending with a soft and creamy finish with a touch of bitterness.