Garage Beer - Everything On Mute

38,00 kr.
28,50 kr.
  • Stil : Pale Ale
  • Alkohol : 4,8%
  • Størrelse : 330ml
  • Land : Spanien
  • Untappd score : 3,87

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Garage Beer - Everything On Mute

We haven't been brewing many pale ales lately and we felt it was time to do our take on what we see as Modern Pale Ale. So what differentiates this from Session IPA I hear you ask? Well in the era of soft and juicy beers, we see the difference in the balance of the beer. The grist is full of protein and dextrins to give the soft and fluffy body but there is also the very delicate addition of Caramalt to just push the balance ever so slightly to the sweeter malt side. On the nose and mouth this plays ever so well with the extreme fruity hop combination of Citra, Idaho 7 and Azacca displaying lots of peach, pineapple, citrus and fresh cut grass. The slight extra caramel note also allows a moderate bitterness to balance and make for a full bodied but very pintable Modern Pale Ale.

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Mandag - Lukket
Tirsdag - 12-18
Onsdag - 12-18
Torsdag - 12-18
Fredag - 12-20
Lørdag - 10-15
Søndag - Lukket