Garage Beer - Loose Virtues

64,00 kr.
49,00 kr.
Type : Triple IPA
Alkohol: 10,1%
BryggeriGarage Beer
Untappd : 4,14
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Garage Beer - Loose Virtues

We asked, you voted. A couple of months back we ran an Instagram poll asking what Garage beers you would like to see brought back to life. Two IPA's were clear winners: Loose and Virtue Signal. So we have combined the two recipes and pumped it up to TIPA levels. Higher ABV, more hops but capturing the essence of those two delicious beers. Interestingly both beers featured hop combos of the old and new schools. Upfront, notes of mango, grapefruit and pine are followed by a light herbal note that rounds out the aroma. A super smooth body gives this an almost smoothy like feel yet the bitterness is sufficient to stop it become cloyingly sweet.

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