Garage Beer - Things Seen In The Sky

60,00 kr.
45,00 kr.
  • Stil : Double IPA
  • Alkohol : 8,0%
  • Størrelse : 440ml
  • Land : Spanien
  • Untappd score : 4,04
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Garage Beer - Things Seen In The Sky

You know when you smell that really dank, sticky, lemony weed? Neither do we. But if we did, this DIPA is how we think it would smell. We've packed all of our dankest hops into this DIPA. Between Strata, Simcoe and Columbus we get tons of fresh cut grass, pine resin, marijuana, pink grapefruit and a touch of sweet candy. Then we layered in the sweaty, pineapple and mango of one of our lots of Mosaic before pushing a bit more citrus character with a very grapefruit and guava forward batch of Citra. With a slightly lower finishing gravity but a pumped up water profile this DIPA is round and drinkable.

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