Garage Beer Co. - Jelly Beans

70,00 kr.

Type : Triple New England IPA
Alkohol: 10%

Bryggeri: Garage Beer

Land: Spanien
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Garage Beer Co. - Jelly Beans

Our next 100kg treatment TIPA makes extensive use of Yakima Chiefs latest hop product Cryo Pop hop blend in both hot and cold side of the brewing process. The blend was designed based on hops that contain the most soluble aroma compounds that survive heat, fermentation and CO2 scrubbing.The result is a product that when used in the whirlpool results in a beer that is already high in aromatic fruity compounds even before dry hopping. We also used it during active fermentation to take advantage of biotransformed compounds as well as maintaining the survivable compounds that are not transformed. Finally we hit it with a post fermentation dose of this blend in conjunction with heavy handed additions of Citra and Simcoe. The result is a TIPA displaying a wide variety of tropical, stone fruit and citrus fruit that is soft in the body and creamy in mouthfeel.

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Mandag - Lukket

Tirsdag - 12-18

Onsdag - 12-18

Torsdag - 12-19

Fredag - 12-20

Lørdag - 10-15

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