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Polly's - HIGH SPEED

64,00 kr.

* Stil : Double IPA
* Alkohol : 7,9%
* Størrelse : 440ml
* Land : Walez
* Untappd score : 3,98

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After three and a half years of nudging and pleading with our hop supplier, the golden goose is finally starting to bear some fruit – the South Pacific hops are finally starting to drop with abundance here at Polly’s HQ! What better way to celebrate than going all in with an all-Aussie DIPA? High Speed Soul is the first of what we hope to be an absolute tidal wave of next-level Polly’s IPAs and DIPAs; reinforcing why South Pacific hops are amongst the highest demand and sought after varietals in the world. Galaxy brings a whole host of passionfruit, peach and citrus fruit notes initially, before Vic Secret cuts in with huge notes of clean pineapple, balanced out with those pine and herbal notes from this incredible hop varietal. Thick, juicy, dank, and 100% Polly’s.

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