Polly's - Wave Mix

64,00 kr.

* Stil : Double New England IPA
* Alkohol : 7,8%
* Størrelse : 470ml
* Land : Walez
* Untappd score : 3,96

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Polly's - Wave Mix

Whilst we love our DIPA game here at Polly’s, we’ve got a lot of time for reeling things back to the lower end of the DIPA spectrum – hitting all that flavour intensity and mouthfeel but at a sliiiightly lower ABV. Wave Mix takes this idea and runs with it big time; coming in at a modest 7.8% but punching way above its weight. Our signature pyramid dry-hopping technique is in full flow here and starts proceedings with a hefty 30kg addition of Mosaic, before 20kg and 10kg additions of Vic Secret and Citra finish the dry-hop bill off. The result is a DIPA that accentuates the incredible characteristics of each of these varietals – think big punchy tangerine and blueberries from Mosaic, masses of pineapple and passionfruit from Vic Secret, before rounding off with pithy citrus from Citra.

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