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Stigbergets - New & Improved! GBG

62,00 kr.

* Stil : American IPA
* Alkohol : 6,5%
* Størrelse : 440ml
* Land : Sverige
* Untappd score : 3,93

Varen kan desværre ikke købes, da der ikke er flere på lager
Stigbergets - New & Improved! GBG

What does it even mean?

In 2016 we made the GBG Beer Week beer. According to those that were there, we did
quite a good job at this. We took that recipe, we made some tweaks and now we sell it as
something fixed yet eternally new and eternally improved.

What you need to know though.

We combine two New World hop powerhouses to make this US/NZ NEIPA. Extra pale
base, oats, wheat and a very generous dry hop of nelson sauvin, citra and mosaic.
Creamy, pillowy body, big stone and tropical fruit aromas with hints of grape and
gooseberry from the Nelson Sauvin. 

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