Sudden Death - If you got Complaints, please Talk to our Tourmanager

49,00 kr.

Sudden Death har fundet vejen til Dinø! 

Beskrivelse fra bryggeriet :

If you don’t like this beer please don’t bother us! If you got complaints, talk to the Tourmanager.

Simple as that! It goes without saying that if you do like it please let US know!!!

All jokes aside

This beer is dedicated to our good Friend Maddi who is helping us s lot in Sweden! Much love Buddi !!! The Bearded Mofo has Citra Incognito in the Whirlpool and is dry hopped with Azacca, Citra BBC, Chinook BBYc and a tiny sprinkle of sabro.

Type : DDH IPA
Alkohol: 6,5%
Størrelse: 440ml

Sudden Death
Land: Tyskland

Untappd: 3,92

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