Track - Never Be Mine

70,00 kr.

Type : Fruited Sour
Alkohol: 7,4%
Størrelse: 440ml

Track Brewing
Land: UK

Untappd : 4,26

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Track - Never Be Mine

Pulling you in with a mouthwateringly opaque, rich ruby red then dragging you into the depths with tentacles of succulent, jammy blackberry, refreshing blueberry & uniquely delicious purple plums. Accented with soft coconut & warming cinnamon in just the right balance it evokes memories of digging into a freshly baked crumble. The sweet, soft fruitiness highlighted by pleasing tartness really makes this beer sing with sherbet dibdab deliciousness. A thick & pillowy body envelops you as you drift into the realms of decadent flavour and lingers with you 'til the end.