Wander Beyond - Hippo-Guava-Mus

60,00 kr.
40,00 kr.

Type : Fruited Berliner Weisse
Alkohol: 8,6%
Størrelse: 440ml

Wander Beyond
Land: England

Untappd : 3,89

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Wander Beyond - Hippo-Guava-Mus

Just for a moment pretend it's Summer and you're on holiday. The air is thick and warm but there's a cool breeze floating through the trees, it's quiet and it's time to take yourself for a slow dip in the calm water and think about absolutely nothing...

Oh and you're a hippopotamus made out of pink guavas. ??

Hippo-guava-mus is juicy, lush and bold. With a huge amount of guava backed up by balanced sourness, an abv not to be messed with and a delicate but spritzy carbonation, you could even convince yourself you were drinking a holiday cocktail.